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Fidelity Digital Assets | Into The Metaverse: A Crypto Conversation

Recently, Fidelity Digital Assets, a subsection of the globally recognized Fidelity Investments, hosted an event in ENGAGE. Fidelity Digital Assets was created in 2018 to provide products and services to institutions investing in bitcoin and other digital assets.  The event was a live event that allowed people to join remotely and experience it. ENGAGE is a device-agnostic platform, meaning people could join through VR devices, but also desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

The theme of the event, Into the Metaverse: A Crypto Conversation was to highlight new technologies, cryptocurrencies, and the future of money and investments, finishing with a Q&A section allowing people to ask questions live to the hosts, Chris Kuiper, Director and Research at Fidelity Digital Assets and Alex Lieberman, Co-Founder of Morning Brew.

In this event, the team at Fidelity used many of the tools that feature in ENGAGE. The event was hosted pre-made location making it easy to set up. With the help of our content team, they created 3D branded assets to customize the location, which included their logo and the Morning Brew logo, branded cups also avatars clothing. They even created a custom avatar of the Fidelity Frog, the unofficial mascot that the company uses throughout their collateral as a metaphor for ‘a big leap’ and highlights new or interesting resources. People can also choose to upload their own image to their avatar to create a lifelike avatar of themselves.

Below is a video of the event, hosted on the Fidelity Investments Youtube Channel.