Virtual Events Platform

Over the years, companies have put on events to showcase new products, network, and open their doors to the public or employees to show their appreciation. Events have gone through significant changes, as now more than ever the digitization of our everyday life has been more reality than fantasy. 

 Enterprise and Educational organizations have realized the many benefits of virtual events. It started with simple 2D events on Zoom, such as happy hours put on by company employees to highlight new products on a Facebook live stream. It was the start of what was to become the true form of virtual events which were more immersive. 

 Recently, KIA did a showcase of some of their new models using the ENGAGE XR Platform. It was attended by excited professionals, enthusiasts and consumers who were curious to see what a showcase was like in an immersive environment. They were thrilled, being shown intense and magnificent visuals of what it was like to drive their cars through what felt like another world entirely. This is something that would be costly or almost impossible in a live on-site showcase. 

 Conferences have also been forever changed, with virtual events rising in popularity. With this new way of hosting events, networking can happen from the comfort of your own home controlling an Avatar, saving individuals and organizations countless overhead, reducing carbon footprints, and eliminating the stress of travel. 

 Meetings, product demos and conferences have found a new home in virtual events. With the advancements of VR (Virtual Reality) headsets like Meta Quest 2 and apps like ENGAGE XR, the possibilities of what can happen and feel real in an event continue to grow.