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The Spatial Platform

For enterprise and education professionals seeking Spatial Computing, AI and Metaverse services for use in training, events, development, onboarding and educational use cases.


KIA Eco Island & Digital Twin

KIA have partnered with ENGAGE to build fully immersive metaverse worlds to showcase the future of transport using their EV9 range of vehicles.
Used for marketing and training, KIA's leading digital twin solution is one of the world's most advanced use cases.


Fatboy Slim Metaverse Concert

ENGAGE hosted an epic Virtual Reality (VR) concert titled “Eat Sleep VR Repeat” in the metaverse starring Norman Cook, AKA Fatboy Slim, including some of his greatest hits in his first completely virtual concert.


Spatial Computing

ENGAGE runs on Spatial Computing devices including VR, AR, XR, PCs, Mac, iOS and Android devices natively.

Secure & Robust

ENGAGE is ISO security certified, GDPR compliant and Gov Cloud ready. Deployed in over 200 organizations, ENGAGE is a platform you can trust.

Create & Publish

Our platform includes a feature-rich content editor that enables you to easily build simulations and content, which you can then publish within your organization.

AI Research & Development

We have integrated OpenAI and multiple generative AI tools that enable users to interact with AI-controlled avatars and generate in-world assets.

Get Engaged!

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ENGAGE is used by over 200+ enterprise and educational clients globally to provide immersive training solutions the deliver results

AI Avatars

Work with our team to build custom AI Avatars for your organization, enabling role play training, sales leads, marketing and any other ideas in this exciting new era of computing.

Digital Twins

Build digital twins of real locations and use them in our fully secure networked environments for education, collaboration and simulation training.

Remote Collaboration

ENGAGE provides a variety of tools for collaboration, such as immersive white boards, screen streaming, 3D virtual pens and spatial VoIP communications to enable more natural meetings and classes at distance.

User Management

Add, edit or remove users from your organization account and provide them with access to content and files independently of each other.

Media Streaming

Share all types of media including 2D, 3D, and 360 video as well as the integrated web browser and your computer desktop in all virtual environments.

Large Scale Events

Each individual room can host up to 70 users. However, you can scale to tens of thousands using our recorded projected presence system.

Improve your company onboarding with immersive training solutions

Get in touch with the ENGAGE team and make training employees fun and enjoyable with our immersive training solutions. With higher retention levels and faster turnaround, you can save your company time and money.


Lenovo’s presence on ENGAGE LINK is a valuable opportunity to interact with customers, developers and leaders from the XR industry to explore and create value together.

Jason McGuigan Head of Commercial VR, Lenovo

It is very clear that the designers of ENGAGE had teaching and learning in mind from the very beginning. So many features were essential for our curriculum.

Professor Jeremy Bailenson, Stanford University Virtual Human Interaction Lab

I had a blast. The ENGAGE team turned my crazy thoughts into a reality and we made something truly epic. The immersive concert was one for the books and I cant wait to do more.

Fatboy Slim a.k.a Norman Cook