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Digital Twin

A virtual clone of your real-world location

Digital Twins have gained popularity for good reasonsFor example, with the right tools, developers, and assets, they are relatively easy to build. Companies and Universities can now can create Digital Twins of their own workspaces, showrooms, conference halls, classrooms and more. 

Digital Twins are used extensively for training and development programs such as safety training, role play and task-based learning. They are also used in educational settings for remote students to get an “On Campus” experience where they can mix with other students and attend virtual classes.

ENGAGE provides an end-to-end service to build, deploy and manage Digital Twin locations, but can also import virtual assets for those who already have them ready to go. Get in touch with our expert content team to start your digital journey today.

Build your digital twin

Digital Twin Examples

Built and deployed on the ENGAGE platform

KIA Europe

Used for marketing, sales training and development this is an exact replica of a KIA showroom.

Exxon Mobil

Used for events, training and development this locaion is a replica of Exxon Mobil HQ in the USA.

Interpol Europe

Used for events, training, studies and social gatherings this locaion is based on the exterior of Interpol Europe’s HQ in France.