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ENGAGE App available on NuEyes Pro 3 and Pro 3E

We’re delighted to announce that ENGAGE is now available on the NuEyes Pro 3 and Pro 3E AR glasses, which were launched in 2020 and 2021, respectively.  ENGAGE is a device-agnostic platform meaning it is available on VR devices but also tablets, smartphones, and desktops and we’re delighted to extend the range of devices for ENGAGE users.

NuEyes was launched in 2016 to assist those who suffer from eye conditions and the NuEyes Pro and Pro 3E glasses are the latest products from the company but have also expanded its products into the enterprise, gaming, and medical markets due to growth for AR devices in these industries.

Users can simply download the ENGAGE app from their preferred store onto a phone and plug in the NuEyes devices to start using. This allows users to create their avatars, join in live events and interact with other users live. They can also watch 360 videos through AR glasses.

The video below, hosted on the NuEyes Youtube channel demonstrates how ENGAGE runs on the smartglasses.