Release Notes

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ENGAGE Release Notes

Release v1.3.3

New Improvements

  • Avatars
    • Avatars now sit more elegantly in seating.
  • Video Streaming
    • Fixed some issues with YouTube search and playback
    • Optimizations to 2D video resolution and playback performance
  • Teleport Controls in Session
    • Minor UX updates and fixes
  • Recordings
    • Fixed playback issues for certain content and fixed some known issues in certain global regions.
  • Presentations
    • Fixed issues displaying presentations and slideshows.
  • Voice In Sessions
    • Fixed some issues with the mute function in sessions for hosts.

Release v1.3.2

New Features & Improvements

  • In Session User Settings, Actions & Permissions
    • Hosts have improved control over IFX permissions for users in session.
    • It is possible to hide the IFX bubbles in the location from the IFX menu.
    • Hosts can choose to hide or show the display names of users in the session.
    • Hosts and users can turn on a setting to autoshare any IFX placed with others in the session.
    • IFX snapshots are now more secure and restricted.
    • Some UX and UI improvements.
  • Videos & Media
    • It is now possible to play some 360 videos in 4k resolution from the 360 room.
    • Video and Media timers now displaying in hours, minutes and seconds rather than just seconds.
  • Seating Users in Session
    • The host can select individual users to seat, or use an option to seat all users in the session.
    • This works in some locations with suitable seating.
    • It is also possible to lock users to their seats.
  • Summon Users to an area in the Session
    • Hosts can summon all users in a session to an area of interest in the location.
  • Persistent Session
    • Enterprise customers can now set up and manage persistent sessions from the ENGAGE web app.
    • Any IFX, snapshots and sticky notes placed into these sessions will remain in the session locations, even if the user logs out and returns to the session later.
  • Events
    • Some UI and UX improvements to the events system, in particular around the event statuses.
  • Show / Hide Public Content List
    • Enterprise customers can change a setting in their account administration dashboard to show or hide the public content listings inside the ENGAGE application.
  • Whiteboard v2.0
    • Enterprise and PRO users can try out an advanced whiteboard in the Executive Conference Room location inside the ENGAGE application.
    • There are 4 new tools including a pen, brush, eraser and text tool. Each tool has a variety of settings.
    • Users can draw and paint with unlimited color variations and a variety of brush shapes, pen types and sizes.
    • The eraser is just like a pen or a brush now and can be used with greater accuracy.
    • The whiteboard can be cleared with one button.
    • Users can enter and place text strings on the board.

Release v1.2.2

New Features & Improvements

  • End Session Function
    • Hosts of events and standard sessions can now force a session to end by pressing a button. This will return all users to the main menu.
  • IFX Interaction Improvements
    • Users now have IFX permissions set to 'on' by default inside a session.
    • The hover states for interacting with IFX have been improved.
  • Sticky Notes
    • All locations have been updated so that the sticky notes will snap to any whiteboard in the location.
  • YouTube Video Playback
    • Some issues were fixed in relation to certain video types and search functionality.
  • Avatar My Face System
    • Minor Version Updates

Release v1.2

New Features & Improvements

  • New Host Controls
    • Give other users in the session co-host powers, so they can control media, IFX, recording and all other things the Host can do.
    • Remove or ban users from a live session or event.
    • Give other users in a session the ability to set IFX to “Shared”.
  • Sticky Notes
    • Create sticky notes and place them anywhere inside training and experiences. In the lecture hall location, snap these sticky notes to the blackboard.
  • Shared IFX
    • Users can now change a setting on their IFX objects in a location to “Shared”, which allows other users in the session to move, rotate, scale or delete that IFX.
  • IFX – Enhanced Controls
    • Move, position, rotate and scale IFX 3D models with more precision using the advanced control gizmos.
  • Hide IFX user interface in location
    • Setting to turn on or off IFX user interface (Spheres, buttons etc) so users have a more immersive experience.
  • Advanced Recording Controls
    • A selection of advanced options for playing back recordings.
  • Session Settings
    • Increased the max number of users per session from 35 to 50.
    • ENTERPRISE users can now set live sessions to be visible for their Group only.
  • Avatars
    • Updated visual appearance for Android OS devices such as Oculus Quest.
    • Added more uniforms and hair color options.
  • General Fixes and Optimizations
    • Optimized loading speed for many parts of the software, especially on launch.
    • Optimized stability and performance, with a focus on video, networking & memory.

New Content

  • Location – Theatre
    • A grand stage with curtains, controls for lighting, screens and podiums.
  • Location – Courtroom
    • A courtroom for live or recorded legal training and experiences.

Release v1.1.6


  • Events:
    • Embed video into event page description (YouTube and Vimeo support)
    • Upcoming event email reminder for attendees
  • Optimized web links for the iOS Safari browser
  • Optimized video links for Oculus Quest
  • Screen sharing improvements for Oculus Quest
  • And the fixes for some known bugs and security updates

Release v1.1.5


  • NEW locations
  • Option for 3D audio/ Spatial Audio mode
  • Updated the scale of all locations
  • Core performance improvements for PC and Android Devices
  • And the fixes for some known bugs

Please Note:

Owners of an Oculus Quest can try out our early access Quest version by following the setup instructions at For those users who have installed ENGAGE before on the Quest you will need to download and sideload the latest version.

If you are using a PC you can download the latest version of ENGAGE for PC here.

To find out more about how to use the different features of ENGAGE, check out our tutorials.

If you have any questions about this release, suggestions for new features or if you notice any problems when you update, please don't hesitate to contact us at