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Say goodbye to disjointed
conference calls and hello to VR

engage vr communicate
Virtual Meetings Record VR

Virtual Meetings

Avoid travel by meeting people virtually using a VR headset or directly on your desktop computer.

VR record sessions

Record Sessions

Move beyond video by capturing the experience. Record lessons, meetings and more and even add new content for playback.

virtual reality streaming

Stream Media

Using cloud integration support, stream your content from Google Docs, Dropbox, OneDrive, YouTube and more.

Engage VR technology

Cast Web / Desktop

Stream web pages and cast your PC desktop display direct to other users via our virtual screens.

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VR technology creates an immersive
experience that helps staff and
students learn effectively.

Engage VR teach
Engage VR Create Content

Create Content

Create content using our extensive immersive effects library and bring your educational content to life.

Engage Schedule Sessions

Schedule Sessions

Schedule your own events, classes or meetings while also browsing publicly listed events from other content makers and educators.

Engage Manage Students

Manage Students

Host administration tools to manage users who join your session. Manage access to microphones. Designate assistants.

Engage VR Manage Quizzes

Create quizzes

Select from 5 different templates to customise your quizzes, feedback forms, and questionnaires.

Engage VR plus Engage VR minus


Use VR-enhanced education and training
to boost learning comprehension
and retention.

Engage Learn
Engage Lessons

Replay Lessons

Experience pre-recorded lessons from top educators and organisations from all around the world.

 Engage Download

Get Involved

Try our immersive activities and put what you learn into practice with realistic simulations and tasks.

Engage Stream

Stream Media

Using cloud integration support, stream your content Google Docs, Dropbox, OneDrive, YouTube and more.

Engage Avatar

Avatar Generator

Create your own life-like avatar in seconds by uploading a single image. Our advanced avatar system will do the rest.

Perfect for educators,
trainers & corporate teams

ENGAGE is a complete e-learning and presentation platform built with both VR and standard screen usage in mind. It enables organisations to host meetings, private classes, training sessions and presentations bringing people together from across the world in a safe, virtual, multi-user environment.

Use Engage to

Engage VR - Educate


Enhance classroom teaching or use as a stand-alone environment offering distance learners access to group tutorials.

Engage VR - Meet


Host live meetings and present in exciting virtual environments with employees, partners and customers located anywhere in the world.

Engage VR - Train


Train remote teams, saving time and money. Record, share and re-use specialised corporate training for teams based anywhere.

Engage VR - Sell


Transform how you sell by offering a virtual experience where prospects can interact more intuitively with your products and services.

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How it works

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    Sign up for a free user

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    Download the ENGAGE

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    Create your own training
    content, classes or

Engage training

The world's most advanced virtual training & education platform

Host virtual reality meetings, classes and presentations with up to 40 people live from across the world. Interact with people as if they were in the room with you, using the realistic virtual avatar system. Creating content is easy with the virtual reality recording and editing tools. Available on leading VR headsets including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, and on desktops without VR.

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Virtual Environments

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