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Hi, I’m Athena

Athena AI is our artificial intelligence assistant that can not only interact with you verbally, but also interact with core ENGAGE systems to generate images and immersive 360° panoramic backgrounds.

She is extremely smart and can create role play training scenarios on the fly via simple verbal prompts. This is still very early work but here you can see raw captured video from inside a Meta Quest Pro using our passthrough features.

None of this video was scripted, and we don’t use smoke and mirrors to enhance capabilities. This is a single raw recording shown in its entirety and the topic was chosen at random. Athena is being designed as a solution for our enterprise clients and will be used for employee onboarding, sales calls, education, training and much more.

Athena utilizes many different Open AI protocols and various other resources to provide a cohesive single service. We are working towards impactful AI use cases inside spatial computing platforms that will have meaningful outcomes for our clients and open up new revenue possibilities.

If you want to speak to Athena directly, just book a demo below and one of our staff members will arrange a face to face meeting with her.