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ENGAGE is now available on iOS devices through the App Store

The ENGAGE release on iOS was a feature of the most recent V1.7 release. This now means that people who have iPhones and iPads can now download the ENGAGE app directly onto their devices from the App Store.

Just like in ENGAGE on desktop and VR headsets, you can host and join live sessions with others and attend scheduled events. You also have the ability to edit your avatar in the ENGAGE iOS app. Take a look at what ENGAGE on iOS looks like below:

Why use Virtual Software on a Phone or Tablet?

Over the past year, there has been a greater need for people to be able to collaborate remotely. Teams all around the world were suddenly compelled to find new means to communicate day-to-day. The days when the group meeting, scrum, or board meeting were core to decision making and planning were no longer! Overnight the ability to collaborate remotely went from ‘optional’ to a ‘must’.

Video conferencing has become the norm in a bid to replace these core meetings. However, video conferences present challenges when large groups want to come together and discuss different projects or break into smaller core working groups. When video conferencing we can’t gesture and make eye contact to connect with people the way we do when in a physical room together. Because of this, there are limitations to the number of people that can truly participate, in order to keep it interactive. The larger the group the more chance there is for people over-talking each other. This leads to unproductive meetings

Launching ENGAGE on phones and tablets bridges this gap. People now have the ability to participate in immersive experiences through the use of a familiar interface. The breakthrough of any new technology is ensuring that people become aware of how it works. Sometimes hardware limitations can deter people from embracing newer technologies. Introducing people to ENGAGE through a familiar medium, such as phones and tablets, gives an insight into how using VR headsets can propel events to the next level. People and businesses begin to recognize the difference between sharing a video call with the ‘floating heads’ to having a presence in a virtual environment, and how the ability to move around changes how you interact during meetings and events.

To experience the next level of communications and meetings, download ENGAGE for your preferred device by following the steps here. To find out more about the minimum specification requirements, check out our supported devices page.