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Podcast Recorded inside the ENGAGE Platform

For many, a podcast is a digital audio show, which can be streamed or downloaded through the internet on a computer or mobile device. They tend to be part of a series that focuses on a specific topic or genre of topics. But when this topic is virtual reality, it allows for something a little new! Something more immersive!

Collaborate, Create and Communicate

We teamed up with The Virtual Reality Podcast. But instead of recording a podcast as normal, we harnessed the power of VR. Both participants live in different countries, our CEO, David Whelan in Ireland, and Steven in the US. However, using our ENGAGE platform they could collaborate in real-time.

“I’m in Ireland right now, you’re in America but we feel like we are only 2-3 feet away from each other. And as I’m talking to you, I’m engaging with you, I’m looking directly at you.” David Whelan, CEO, Immersive VR Education, The Virtual Reality Podcast.

Once in ENGAGE, David and Steve created their own world. They simply chose a virtual environment. Then add screens to show presentations. By using ENGAGE, they were able to record their podcast so there was a video that could be played back. Watch the full video here: