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Fox 5 DC Interview – Metaverse 101: What is it?

Our CEO David Whelan was recently interviewed by Fox 5’s, Good Day DC to discuss how we are building the metaverse with our platform ENGAGE.

What is the Metaverse?

Jumping straight to the question, host Jeanette Reyes asks David Whelan ‘What is the Metaverse?’. David explains, “the metaverse is the evolution of how we communicate via the internet.”

The interview continues with more details about the future of metaverse utilization. This will change how we work together, how we communicate, and how we interact in a 3D spatial world. Virtual Reality contrasts how we use the internet today, communicating solely through flat screens. Virtual environments like ENGAGE allow us to inhabit avatars, walking around and interacting with other people in real time and three-dimensional space. People can collaborate remotely, giving a sense of presence with others, and in a location of their choice like Earth’s moon.

Who uses the Metaverse?

The footage encompasses the scope of projects enabled by the ENGAGE platform. We’ve worked with a host of globally renowned companies. This includes 3M, HTC and collaborations with GOVAR and Wir Sind Jerry for BMW Motorsport events. Also, with the growing demand for ‘Metaversities’ (vast digital environments where people can interact) our past collaborations with Victory XR, Optima Domi and Stanford University put us at the forefront this cutting-edge technology.

Why the metaverse?

The hosts asks, “Why do we need this or is it just because we can?”

Highlighting the benefits of the metaverse, the interview covers how virtual reality platforms like ENGAGE bring people together from anywhere on Earth. It can bring sense of connection for teams and colleagues. And helps with currently disjointed remote and hybrid routines. A powerful sense of presence in virtual meetings or teaching/learning session adds much to the experience, greatly boosting memory of information discussed.

The metaverse offers an ability to achieve the previously unachievable. David discusses how recreating things such as concerts and events as they are currently perceived in the real world is not the focus. In the metaverse you can take people to places they cannot go, like inside the the human body or historic moments of the past. The possibilities are limitless!

The interview also touches upon what safety and security concerns may arise in the metaverse. David addresses some of the solutions about how we plan to tackle different aspects of this. This includes how hardware will soon have built-in retina tracking which will verify the virtual representations of real people.