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Interview with an AI ? Yes this is exactly what happened last week on the latest ENGAGED Podcast where our Athena AI was interviewed by show host Maxwell McGee. Having a conversation with artificial intelligence avatars is a very strange experience and the show host talked about many different topics including politics, ethics and religion.

This is just a short snippet of the conversation which was held inside the ENGAGE platform. Near the end of the video you will see Athena being asked to generate images about how she feels. This is achieved with a mixture of chatgpt dallee2 and a whole heap of work from the ENGAGE AI team. We are currently in the process of bringing our enterprise clients in to speak with Athena and starting to work on early projects showing what is possible when you mix AI with Spatial Computing and immersive technologies.

Due to unprecedented demand, we have a lot of demos to get through over the next couple of weeks. If you are interested in chatting with Athena and our AI team please feel free to reach out by visiting and booking a demo.