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Fatboy Slim’s ‘Eat Sleep VR Repeat’ Immersive Concert

We’re delighted to have held Fatboy Slim’s “Eat Sleep VR Repeat” concert in ENGAGE. This 45-minute virtual reality (VR) experience takes users on a journey through the burrows of Fatboy Slim’s mind. Surrounded by music, animations, and stunning visual effects, attendees begin in a virtual diner scene. As stars fall from the sky, Fatboy Slim makes his first appearance on top of his prankster bus! As the music builds, users can dance with aliens, ride around on motorbikes and even jump into a bottomless pit…only to find themselves teleported to on top of the diner!

As the journey moves along, attendees are transitioned to a highway speed chase., with Fatboy Slim leading the pack, djing on top of a bus. Users can teleport around the various vehicles, which include cars, motorbikes, a boat, and a giant cassette player!

The high chase ends by driving inside Fatboy Slim’s mind! Attendees can pop giant smiley faces with interactive batons and take a spin upon a giant record player. This section culminates with a rollercoaster ride before being teleported to the next phase of the concert. 

During the next scene, attendees are spectators in a giant diner, where they witness chaos unfolding. A knocked-over milkshake creates a virtual foam party. Attendees also have the chance to take a ride on the back of cockroaches…

In the penultimate scene, attendees’ costume change as they skydive while Fatboy Slim mixes his set mid-air accompanied by synchronized dancers!

From sky diving, we fall into Mount Ravemore to finish out the concert. Check out the massive Fatboy Slim head carved into the mountains. Attendees can jump up on multiple Bigfoot-like creatures and steer him around the environment. And of course, a psychedelic concert like this wouldn’t be complete without some attendees being abducted by aliens as the final songs play out…

“You’ll never beat a real-life concert but the Fatboy Slim concert demonstrates the versatility and capabilities of VR and how corporations to creatives can build their own worlds within ENGAGE to be used for entertainment, business engagements and so much more,” says David Whelan, CEO of ENGAGE XR.

Press Reviews


“Yes, it was really as insane as all of this sounds but the actual premise of the whole event was fascinating” – The U.S. Sun


“The Fat Boy Slim 45 Minute Concert in Engage, “Eat Sleep VR Repeat,” Is one of the Best Things I’ve Ever Seen in VR.” – Charlie Fink,


“HIGHLY, highly recommend checking out this @FatboySlim immersive concert in @engage_xr as it’s the most immersive, entertaining, interactive, & nostalgic VR concert that I’ve seen so far. Overall, it was a mind-bending experience.” – Kent Bye, Voices of VR


““If you think U2’s multi-media productions are spectacular, wait until you have been teleported onto a UFO mid song by Fatboy Slim.” – The Telegraph