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Today, we are delighted to announce the launch of Athena, an augmented reality (AI) employee that integrates into ENGAGE. Athena takes the concept of customer service chatbots to the next level using Open AI programs ChatGPT-3 and DALL.E. This will give enterprise clients the ability to have full, interactive conversations with the avatar within the ENGAGE metaverse.

“The launch of Athena is going to open up endless possibilities for enterprise clients and change the future of the metaverse,” said David Whelen, CEO and co-founder of ENGAGE. “With just a prompt or two, users can have full conversations with Athena inside the ENGAGE platform and ask her just about anything from completing simple tasks and answering basic questions to creating complex and unique installations within the metaverse.”

Traditionally, customer service chatbots are software or computer program interfaces that simulate human-like conversations via text or voice interactions. Athena’s AI intelligence takes the customer service chat functionality further for ENGAGE users. Athena integrates with the existing toolset in ENGAGE; can provide helpful information about the platform, source media for playback, create AI imagery, find 3D objects, create sticky notes, and more. This is all done via an animated avatar body giving people who interact with Athena the sense they are speaking with a real person.

“We named ENGAGE’s companion, Athena, after the Greek goddess of wisdom, handicraft and practical reason” said Whelan. “As our clients continue to interact with Athena, she will expand her intelligence with each prompt and conversation. The introduction of Athena is only the beginning of an extensive roadmap we have planned for AI metaverse applications.”

The AI functionality also enables Athena the ability to learn and enhance her intelligence the more she interacts with people, improving her performance and responding more naturally to conversational prompts. We’re excited to watch Athena evolve over the coming weeks and will be adding more functionality and connectivity. She will continue to learn by reading technical documents, training to become an expert on the ENGAGE platform, and helping to enhance her responses to become more human-like.