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3M uses ENGAGE for Customer Experience & Connection

3M Home is an exploratory VR pilot project with Engage XR and a global cross-functional 3M team. The project focuses on transforming the customer experience allowing them to interact, engage and collaborate with 3M materials and technologies in real-time from anywhere in the world.  This expands the ability to connect with customers in an immersive virtual experience and helps demonstrate what’s possible.  This is currently in a pilot stage and is being tested with customers and teams across the globe.

“At ENGAGE, we have been building our vision of the business-focused metaverse. I am delighted to say that we have been working with 3M over the past few months. The company is utilizing the ENGAGE platform to build their own MetaWorld “3M Home” to keep employees connected and build unique VR customer experiences. This is only the beginning of what we have codenamed ENGAGE Oasis where we will be putting the full power of ENGAGE into the hands of businesses globally to build their own MetaWorlds however they choose. “ – David Whelan, CEO, ENGAGE XR Holdings Plc.