What’s New in ENGAGE v2.3?

What’s New in ENGAGE v2.3?

We’ve updated ENGAGE. V2.3 is now available to download. Below is a list of new features that have been included in the release:


Content Editor

We’ve fully redesigned the ENGAGE user interface, improving overall usability and providing intuitive access to new features.

  • Implemented a new curve editor for precise control over animations and to enable features such as ease-in and ease-out.
  • Added the ability to load recordings, snapshots, images, and 3D models into the Content Editor from the cloud file manager (Beta)
  • Note: Access to the cloud file manager is limited for initial rollout to approved beta testers only

Shared screen

  • Added support for macOS users to share their desktops.
  • Fully redesigned the shared screen user interface to improve usability and provide intuitive access to new features.
  • Expanded support for Windows OS users to share their desktops. This now includes many laptops that have both integrated and dedicated graphics chips.
  • Note: When a LITE user starts a Session, each user in the Session can share content for only 5 minutes in total.

Web Browser

  • Added a full-featured personal web browser to the in-Session menu and tablet, which users can choose to share with others.
  • Added a keyboard button to the web browser so that you can summon the virtual keyboard in situations where it does not auto-appear


  • Enabled hats on low detail avatars.
  • Added subtle finger movements when avatar hands are idle.

Portals (Enterprise Beta)

  • Provided beta testers with the ability to create spawn point IFX.
  • Provided beta testers with access to the advanced portal IFX settings so that they can connect a portal to a specific spawn point.
  • Note: Access to portals and spawn points is limited for initial rollout to approved beta testers only.

Host Controls

  • Added permission controls for the new personal web browser.

We’ve also made some improvements and fixed some bugs as part of this release. To find out more about this update you can visit our release notes page.

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