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Journey to the Metaverse | Podcast with St. James’s Place

St. James’s Place, a leading wealth management grouping in the UK, recently launched a podcast series, “Journey to the Metaverse”. This 4 part series explores types of immersive technologies including virtual reality (VR), explains the associated terminology, and illustrates how these technologies can be used in everyday life.

In pt. 4 of the series, the podcast reaches its final destination, when host Nicki Finnigan, Head of Digital Learning at St. James’s Place, leaps into the metaverse for a virtual interview with ENGAGE’s Senior Business Developer, Abid Hussain. The interview begins with Nicky and Abid discussing the benefits of virtual meetings compared to video meetings. Abid explains how meetings in VR can mirror meetings in real life due to the added presence of body language and mannerisms. Once in ENGAGE, Abid shows how virtual meetings can be hosted almost anywhere, by choosing environments from our platform. Later, in the St. James’s Place metaworld, Abid highlights environments can be customized to include company branding or even be recreated from real-world locations. The interview continues to discuss the future of the metaverse, the internet, and the launch metaverse later this year.

St.James’s Place is leading the way in the use of immersive technology in the corporate world, including financial services. It is already providing training to advisers, enabling them to interact with clients virtually. It is also used for social gatherings.