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Project Outrun: Virtual Sneaker Design Laboratory

Project Outrun, a pediatric cancer foundation, has recently teamed up with James Orrigo and artist Makar Bogdanov to create a virtual design lab for affected children using tools in ENGAGE. The virtual experience empowers these children and teens to create their own custom Nike By You sneakers with their own colors, words, and logos. Once they finish their design, the shoe will be shipped to them, to help them “Outrun Cancer.” Their avatar (a person’s virtual representation) can explore and interact with the space, try on their Nike By You sneakers, become inspired by other kids’ Outrun shoes, fly around on a big sneaker, and above all experience “Finish Line Feelings” that help welcome each patient to the Project Outrun “Fast Family”

Project Outrun is a US-based organization that provides support to the children and the families of pediatric cancer, providing support and memories through custom shoes, signature swag, and raising awareness of pediatric cancer through fundraising events and organized runs. The project was born out of a small idea with extraordinary significance by founder Andy Shepperd in 2016 – “ If you’re going to outrun cancer you have to have the right shoes!”

“Our finish lines are meant to encourage our kids to set and achieve goals. We tell the kids, “Set a goal; something big, something small. But when you achieve that goal, put on your Outrun Shoes, have mom or dad hold that finish line, and bust through! Because nothing feels as good as running through a finish line.” (Project Outrun, accessed 10 June 2022,

The virtual lab will now be used as part of Children’s Cancer Research Fund’s virtual summer camp, Camp Norden. This virtual camp makes it possible for the children who are at home or receiving treatment in a hospital to be able to experience the fun of summer camp and interact with other children.