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Virtual campus and curriculums creation company Victory XR is set to launch 10 metaversities (a digital replica of a campus university) this Fall. 

The metaversity courses are synchronous, meaning students can interact live with others and their professors as if they are attending a class in the real world. Classes can also be spatially recorded so students have unlimited access to interact with the course content, including playing back the full virtual environment as if watching a YouTube video. 

Virtual classes give students the ability to interact with 3D models, making it easier to interpret complex subjects. For example, you can expand and interact with a 3D model of a molecule or even the human heart. You can also deconstruct and reconstruct models.  

Students learn by doing, creating immersive experiences to better digest subject matter. A powerful sense of presence in each virtual classroom greatly boosts students’ memory of all information.  

Virtual campuses are also accessible to people from anywhere in the world. Students are no longer bound by geographical locations, attending lectures and accessing knowledge from anywhere on Earth. This adds a sense of connection for students and helps to create cohesion with currently disjointed remote and hybrid routines.