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We’ve updated ENGAGE. V2.0 is now available to download. Below is a list of new features that have been included in the release:

New Avatar System

ENGAGE v2.0 brings an entirely new avatar system built from scratch with many new features and improvements. You now more choices when creating your avatar. The list below is just some of the features we have included in this update:

  • Better tracking, locomotion, and body movement
  • A garment filter system to allow you to quickly find the right clothing for your occasion
  • Additional selections of all types of clothing
  • Enhanced decal options
  • A wide-ranging new color palette selection for all types of apparel
  • Enhanced facial customization
  • Additional hairstyle options, eyebrow styling and color choices
  • New make-up and nail polish range with opacity and gloss option
  • Up to 10 full body avatars on standalone VR devices
  • Mobile avatar preview option
  • A new mirror mode lets you “be” your avatar as you create it
  • New enhanced avatar seating system allowing custom poses and predefined poses for specific apparel types

New Locations

We’ve added 2 new locations as part of this update, the hospital and the virtual campus, giving you more choice in where to host your events based on your needs.

Gizmo Feature

As part of this release, we have also optimized our gizmo feature for better performance and usability. This allows you to move 3D objects (IFX) around your chosen environment easier. We’ve implemented a snap-to-ground function with an updated interface design.

There’s also a magnet mode which provides better control for both position and rotation. Additional input modes allow you to adjust movements using analog sticks and mouse wheel commands

Cloud File Manager – Enterprise Only

We’re providing early access to our cloud file manager. Users now can save and upload any files to the cloud that are created inside ENGAGE. They also can upload and manage multiple types of media files & use them inside an ENGAGE session.

NOTE – Access to this new beta feature will be limited for initial rollout to approved beta testers only.

We’ve also made some improvements and fixed some bugs as part of this release. To find out more about this update you can visit our release notes page.