ENGAGE Oasis – The Next-Level of Business Communication

ENGAGE Oasis – The Next-Level of Business Communication

Inspired by the VR simulation known as OASIS in the book and film ‘Ready Player One’  ENGAGE Oasis will be an always-on, fully persistent virtual world, where ENGAGE clients can meet and sell products and services directly to each other. This next level of our ENGAGE platform will be designed for business professionals, corporations, and college students.  In short, the goal is to create a cloud-based digital city where actual business can be done.

Employees from the world’s largest corporations will be able to connect with each other to generate new business ideas and deliver value to their respective organizations. ENGAGE Oasis aims to be an opportunity for corporate users to expand their customer base and provide immersive services.

All the avatars and virtual locations will be tailored for professional users, and guidelines will be set by the owners of each sector. As part of this metaverse, there are plans for a new type of marketplace. It will be developed with corporations and digital artists in mind, giving them the ability to sell digital items and provide services using non-fungible tokens, fiat currencies, and cryptocurrencies.

Speaking to columnist Charlie Fink, for a Forbes article relating to the announcement, David Whelan, CEO, said “ENGAGE will still offer its core services such as ENGAGE Education, ENGAGE Enterprise and ENGAGE events for businesses and educational institutions that want to use us for their own internal communications and events. ENGAGE Oasis is the codename for our vision of the Metaverse which is designed for Corporate Clients, Educational Institutes and young professionals seeking to connect with one another to generate new business ideas and to sell services to each other. ENGAGE Oasis will have its own store to purchase digital items and services directly from the corporations using the platform along with NFT support for artists to build interesting spaces and items for clients.” 

ENGAGE Oasis will launch in 2022. To register your interest, you can fill out the form on the ENGAGE Oasis page, and keep an eye on our social media feeds for updates.

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