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Many of us have heard the term ‘metaverse’ over the past year. The discussion around Web 3.0 or the next generation of the internet is everywhere. What was once a hypothetical conversation discussed by enthusiasts is now in the mainstream news. It is safe to say that the metaverse is already happening. Events are happening and are encouraging people to get involved and experience the metaverse. 

One such event was recently hosted by The VR/AR Association (VRARA) in ENGAGE! Titled ‘Welcome to the MetaCenter’ joined with The Orlando Economic Partnership, to promote the effort to have Orlando become known as The MetaCenter of the world. Hosted by John Cunningham (Unity representative on the VRARA Global Advisory Board) and joined by guest speakers Cathy Hackl – Author, co-founder, and Chief Metaverse Officer of Journey, Alan Smithson, co-founder of MetaVRse and global speaker and our very own Chris Madsen. 

The panel discussed the future of the metaverse, what it is, why it is important and what countries are investing in the future of the internet. After the panel discussions, as this was an immersive event, participants are encouraged to get involved. The set quickly changes from the panel tables and sofas using snapshots – a group of saved IFX in ENGAGE- to a well-known scene from a much-loved American sitcom! 3D models are shared in the environment showing how easy it is to build immersive content.  

VR/AR Association 

The VRARA was founded in 2015. It is a global member community of the best minds in virtual reality and augmented reality with chapters in major cities across the world designed to foster research, develop standards, and promote and connect members. (, 2022). It collaborates with many global brands, and hosts a global summit and weekly events.  


Unity is the leading global development platform for immersive applications. The ENGAGE platform is built on Unity. In 2021, 50% percent of games across mobile, PC and console were made with Unity and 3.9B monthly active users. (, 2022)