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Social Tree Global – Meet in the Metaverse

Recently, ENGAGE partnered with Social Tree Global, a marketing agency for financial services to host an event highlighting the future of the internet. Often referred to as Web 3.0, Social Tree Global work with brands to help them explore the next generation of the web, including areas such as the metaverse, blockchain, and NFTs. Where better to hold an event discussing this digital evolution than within the metaverse?  

The host, Max Hannah of Social Tree Global, opened the event by discussing how brands such as HSBC and JP Morgan are moving into the metaverse. Brands are currently looking to use the metaverse as PR opportunities and thought leadership. As we saw in the early 2000’s, brands developed web pages and then evolved to have a social media presence to build closer relationships with customers. The metaverse holds opportunities for brands to build communities and touchpoints for their customers further.  

The presentation continued by discussing how using avatars – the digital representation of oneself in the metaverse – people can experience a sense of presence unachievable through video communications. The ability to connect through body language and the addition of spatial sound mimic the natural way we communicate. 
After the presentation, Max was joined by our team member Abid Hussain to host an open Q&A session. They also gave a brief demo of how you can change the aesthetics of an event by quickly changing the environment’s backdrop. Before the event ended, they also explored some of our future environments that will become available later this year and showed an example of a virtual concert.