Virtual Training Platform

When you are training to use a Forklift, there are numerous dangers involved. At first, you sit in the vehicle and the controls can be intimidating, the power behind the machine can feel scary, and the overall experience can be stressful. 

Virtual Reality started off as a simple technology with low resolution and limited solutions for access, however, it has evolved over time to completely replicate a number of our senses such as sound, sight, and touch. With this newly advanced immersive technology, driving a powerful machine such as a Forklift doesn’t feel as terrifying because there is simply little to no risk. 

 The capabilities of VR Training is astonishing, organizations can use platforms like ENGAGE XR to slowly ease employees and students into new skills and processes. Working with an extremely expensive robotic mannequin becomes much less costly when done in an immersive environment, as the Kansas University School of Nursing discovered when starting to build their digital twin and assets. Driving a Forklift becomes much easier when you can get accustomed to the controls and power of the machine in VR, and the training solutions are endless. 

VR uses sight, sound, and touch to make learning large tasks much less daunting, and this ease to the learning and training process makes employees and students significantly more efficient when entering into the training on site. With this ability, organizations can increase productivity, save time, and save money

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