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Better Training, Greater Outcomes, More Engagement

VR Training has been around for over 40 years and was primarly used by larger goverment agencies like NASA and the Military because of how expensive it was to implement.

Today companies such as Meta, HTC, Lenovo and Apple have brought down the cost of Spatial Computing / VR / XR devices considerbilly and this has lead to a boom in training and development sectors.

Virtual reality training and development is a proven way to achieve results and this is shown not only in the 40 years its being utilized by Nasa and others but also in a more recent study from PwC.

ENGAGE has been at the forefront of this new boom helping companies such as 3M, Kia and HSBC with their training and development needs. Why not get in touch or review the complete study from PwC by downloading the .pdf below.


More confident to act on what they learned after training


Faster then clasroom training on average


More focused than e-learners


More emotionally connected to the content than classroom learners