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What is a Spatial Computing Company?

What is a virtual reality (Spatial Computing) company and what services do they offer?

A virtual reality (Spatial Computing) company is an organization that operates within the technological spheres of Spatial Computing based technology such as XR (extended reality). They offer a number of services, ranging from B2B and B2C. Some of these services include allowing individuals to create their own worlds and upload it to their platform, developing digital twin campuses for large corporations, and helping concerts operate within an immersive space. 

How does a virtual reality company differ from other immersive technology companies?

Virtual reality companies help to facilitate immersive experiences for education, business, and consumers. They differ from other immersive technology companies because they replicate the 3 senses (sight, sound, and touch) using an HMD to fully immerse the user in the experience. Other types of immersion, such as Augmented Reality, lay digitized assets on top of the real world.

What is a Spatial Computing Company? Engage VR

What industries or businesses can benefit from using virtual reality solutions?

Virtual reality is what is known as a problem solving technology. With this in mind, VR can benefit any industry or business as it’s sole purpose is to either recreate real world experiences or to develop an entirely new one (sometimes, a fantasy). VR is beneficial for many organizations due to it’s power to recreate any real world scenario. VR is under the umbrella of XR technology, so the purpose of it is to extend reality by replicating or transforming it.

What are some key features of virtual reality solutions and platforms?

Virtual reality platforms are much different than any other technology. They can be used in medicine, research, academia, military, or for personal use. Some key features include immersion by replicating the 3 senses (sight, sound and touch), recreating real world scenarios in the form of a digital twin, and developing experiences that are unlikely to occur in real life such as going to space. 

What is a Spatial Computing Company? Engage VR

What is the cost of using a virtual reality company and how do they compare to other immersive technology solutions?

Virtual reality is a concept mentioned many times when discussing interconnecting realities. The advantage of this new evolution of the internet is that it is significantly cheaper than traditional offices or workshops. A simple headset and immersive software such as ENGAGE can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in man hours and materials required to create vast structures, medical technology, military operations, and classrooms. These other collaboration tools are extremely expensive, are difficult to create and require massive upkeep. 

What industries or businesses can benefit from using our VR solutions?

ENGAGE XR is a platform that is useful for businesses in the form of Digital Twins, recreating training and education scenarios for cost effective processes, and developing entirely new worlds to explore and collaborate in. ENGAGE XR solves the problem of remote work creating feelings of isolation and fatigue by allowing users the opportunity to live out their professional day to day in a 3D environment.