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Nikola Tesla AI Live Demo


Following the video of our AI announcement from earlier in the week, here is an unscripted and unedited video capture with our COO Sandra Whelan interacting with Nikola Tesla an Inventor and Electrical Engineer who died in 1943 aged 86.

In this raw capture Sandra chats to Mr Tesla about his life and asks questions about his thoughts on Tesla and SpaceX who I must congratulate on spectacular test mission of StarShip last week. Tesla is just one of the historic characters we are releasing soon as part of our School Of AI initiative. We still have work to do on this character so please don’t take this video as the final quality of the end product. We are working on better response times, animations and other small details that will make a big difference.

This video was captured via a standard PC, however ENGAGE XR and the School of AI is supported on a range of different computing devices. 

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