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Metaverse Platforms

What is a metaverse platform and how does it work?

A metaverse platform utilizes XR technology to bring immersive experiences to life. The metaverse is a blend of digital technology and real world scenarios, an evolution of the internet. Combining the two allows users to experience day to day life personally or professionally like never before. 

Metaverse Platforms Engage VR

What are some use cases for metaverse platforms?

Metaverse platforms like ENGAGE XR allows users the opportunity to collaborate in an immersive environment that transports them to different worlds. With this technology, surgeons can see a digitized heart monitor anywhere in the room, military members can immerse themselves in gun safety training before actually touching a real weapon, and consumers can play games inside an entirely new world.

What are some key features of metaverse platforms?

Metaverse platforms are much different than any other technology. They can be used in medicine, research, academia, military, or for personal use. Some key features include immersion by replicating the 3 senses (sight, sound and touch), recreating real world scenarios in the form of a digital twin, and developing experiences that are unlikely to occur in real life such as going to space. Metaverse platforms can also use XR technology to develop a sense of empathy by having users experience another persons perspective or trigger emotional responses from an immersive environment.

Metaverse Platforms Engage VR

How do metaverse platforms differ from other immersive technology platforms?

Metaverse companies help to facilitate immersive experiences for education, business, and consumers. They differ from other immersive technology companies because they replicate the 3 senses (sight, sound, and touch) using an HMD to fully immersive the user in the experience. Other types of immersion, such as Augmented Reality, lay digitized assets on top of the real world.

What industries or businesses can benefit from using our Metaverse platform?

Metaverse technologies like XR (extended reality) is what is known as a problem solving technology. With this in mind, our VR platform can benefit any industry or business as it’s sole purpose is to either recreate real world experiences or to develop an entirely new ones (sometimes, a fantasy).