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‘Go With The Flow’ – HTC Vive Global Event to launch the Vive Flow

Due to the success of recent HTC events, starting with V2EC2020 in March 2020 to the VIVECON event earlier this year, the ENGAGE platform was been chosen to host the latest virtual event for HTC VIVE. This event was to launch the newest VR headset, the Vive Flow.

HTC launched the registration page for the event titled ‘Go with the Flow’ on September 27th encouraging attendees to reserve their space ahead of October 14th. Ahead of the event Alvin Wang Graylin, HTC China President, teased these that there will be a ‘big news’ announcement.

At this event, the Vive team launched their new headset, the VIVE Flow, a lightweight VR headset built for entertainment and wellness. Attendees at the event got to see 3D models of the new headsets, set to launch in November followed by the audience getting a chance to see how the headset looked on their virtual avatars. They were encouraged by Alvin Wang Graylin to then take ‘virtual selfies’ to share on social media. The event rounded out with a virtual DJ performance from Minotaur.

This event was also accessible to those who did not have a VR headset by using the 2D version of ENGAGE on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.