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Virtual Film School Engage VR

The World's First Fully Immersive VR Metaverse Film School!

The Metaverse Film School brings the professional montion picture production & soundstage experience to a whole new world of aspiring filmmakers - creative minds who would likely never be able to access this level of experience and educatioon otherwise.

CEO – Jon Gress

The Metaverse Construction Company

“VR Film School Labs “virtualizes” costly resources such as production facilities, sound stages, sets,
remote or historic locations, event spaces, classrooms, new technologies, equipment and even props
to allow for learning experiences that would otherwise be impossible in the real world! “

Empower Your Film School with the Latest in Immersive & XR Film School Technologies!

In the fiercely competitive realm of Film School higher education, standing still means falling behind. Film schools, universities, and colleges are faced with a pressing challenge – how to not only keep pace, but to lead the charge in the immersive worlds of VR, Metaverse, and Simulation.

If you’re a film school owner or director looking to revolutionize your institution and stay ahead in the digital age, say hello to the cuttingedge solution you’ve been waiting for. Introducing Film School Labs VR Pro – the fusion of VR, lmmersive Technology, and Metaverse.

Instantly Transform & Future-Proof your Film School Into a Metaverse + VR-Ready Powerhouse!

As long-time film educators, we know how difficult it can be attracting new admissions, engaging students and maximizing retention. We also know how difficult it can be to vet, approve and implement new education curricula and technologies.

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Content Pack Includes


Immersive Film Sets


Interactive Tools


Hours of content

VR Film School "virtualizes" costly resources that would cost thousands in the real world.