Fatboy Slim's career has always been punctuated with fun and firsts and this first-of-its-kind event will take you on an immersive virtual reality experience, unlike any other VR concert that you’ve experienced before!

The 45-minute adventure will take your avatar into the burrows of Fatboy Slim’s mind; starting at the drive-in diner, where you’ll begin the journey with friends and fans.


The professional metaverse for enterprise businesses

ENGAGE is a business-focused metaverse platform designed for corporations, professionals, education organizations, and event organizers to create their own virtual worlds, provide services directly to their clients and allow them to engage with employees, customers, and suppliers.

ENGAGE clients include well-known companies across many different business verticals, including Meta, 3M, Stanford University, Lenovo, HTC, KIA, and many more. ENGAGE is working hand in hand with each organization to help make their virtual metaverse strategies a reality.


The evolution of the internet is here.
Learn more about ENGAGE’s tools and features in this video.


Your Presence in the Metaverse

Today the web is a solo 2D experience built on video and flat web pages. ‘The Metaverse’ is the marketing term used for the evolution of the internet into a shared 3D social experience that takes place in virtual worlds.

As the metaverse grows, organisations and brands are expanding their presence in bespoke virtual environments or ‘metaworlds.’ In these immersive spaces, consumers, clients and teams inhabit avatars that enable them to collaborate and connect in real time. The metaverse is best suited for groups where social interaction, communication, and scalability are the priorities.

The future of communication is here today.

Secure, Scalable, Multi-Platform Support


Meta, Vive, Pico, Steam


iOS / Android


Mac / Windows


ISO 27001

AI: Athena
The Client Facing
Virtual Employee

Athena is our AI powered virtual employee prototype. We are currently working on deeper integrations into ENGAGE and feeding her technical documents before making her available to the public. If your corporation is interested in speaking to Athena please book a demo by contacting our sales team.

NOTE: The work in progress video below was recorded inside the platform. It is raw and unedited showing just some of the functionality Athena has as she is hooked up to a variety of different Open AI programs.

3m home logo

3M Home

The project focuses on transforming the customer experience allowing them to interact, engage and collaborate with 3M materials and technologies in real time from anywhere in the world. 

the metaverse construction company logo

Virtual Film School

 The world's first fully featured film school to utlize VR for teaching all aspects of making a movie - from using hardware to setting up shots. 

bmw metaverse logo

BMW VR Workshop

With global restrictions on live events, the ‘BMW Virtual Garage Experience’ provided an opportunity for BMW Motorsport and Jerry and GOVAR to create immersive experiences in a digital world to share with sponsors, partners, and customers.

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