Install ENGAGE on Vive Focus Plus

ENGAGE Vive Focus Plus version is updated regularly. It is important you are using the latest current Vive Focus Plus release version so you can interact with all users. If you do not have the latest version please install it.

The current version is v1.3.2

Installing ENGAGE on Vive Focus Plus

Step 1: Download & Install SideQuest

Step 2: Enable USB Connection

Step 3: Allow USB Debugging

Step 4: Download & Install ENGAGE

Step 5: Start ENGAGE

  • Download & Install SideQuest
  • Enable USB Connection
  • Allow USB Debugging
  • Download & Install ENGAGE
  • Start ENGAGE

Downloading & Installing SideQuest

1. On your computer, navigate to:

2. Download SideQuest for your required platform

3. Once SideQuest has finished downloading, run the installation and follow the on-screen instructions.

4. Launch the SideQuest app

Enabling USB Connection

1. Make sure your HTC Vive Focus Plus is powered on and connected to your computer via USB-C cable.

2. In your headset select USB Connection “Transfer files” once the HTC Vive Focus Plus is connected.

Allowing USB Debugging

1. Allow USB Debugging for the HTC Vive Focus Plus through Settings.

2. Click "More Settings"

3. In the More Settings Menu scroll down to “USB Debugging” and turn on.

4. Allow USB Debugging

Downloading & Installing ENGAGE

2. Open the SideQuest app

3. Let the HTC Vive Focus Plus connect to SideQuest

4. Drag the latest HTC Vive Focus Plus APK from your download location to the SideQuest Logo in the SideQuest app to install.

Starting ENGAGE

When the APK is installed on the HTC Vive Focus Plus, load ENGAGE from the main menu.