Train remote teams. Save time and money. Record, share and re-use specialized corporate training for teams based anywhere in the world with ENGAGE. Using the platform you can offer high-end training for key stakeholders. Whether it's safety training for the defense forces or transporting medical trainees to locations they have never been before, we believe that training through VR is the next step.


The future for remote and specialized training is VR.

"The app is accessible, affordable and reliable. The plan for RCSI is to make this technology available to surgical trainees throughout Ireland to enhance their skills and learning experiences. Because of the accessibility and affordability, the benefits of the technology go beyond training in Ireland. We see real opportunities for surgical training in places with limited resources such as Sub-Saharan Africa where RCSI works in partnership the COSECSA surgical training program."

Donncha Ryan




Emergency medical situations often call for surgeons and other healthcare workers to make critical decisions, quickly. In real-life, some of these procedures can be life- threatening. The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland is dedicated to exploring new technologies in an effort to enhance their student's educational experiences. They wanted to create an educational training element that was as close as possible to the real-life encounters that their graduates would be faced with. Training through Virtual Reality allows students to experience this hands-on experience with minimal risk.


With continuing advances in VR, the RCSI developed an accessible medical training app on mobile VR devices such as the GearVR and Oculus GO. This app would simulate an emergency room scenario through virtual reality. This app was developed in conjunction with Immersive VR Education, using the ENGAGE platform at its core. It provides students with an accessible, immersive experience which would allow them to respond virtually in real-time as if the situation was happening to them in real-life.


Known as the RCSI VR Medical Training Sim, the fully interactive training simulator replicates an emergency room situation following a road traffic collision and requires the user to manage it. It allows surgical trainees, as well as medical undergraduates and postgraduates, virtually embody the role of the Emergency Department trauma team leader. They are required to carry out duties such as assess the patient as well as operative procedures. The app also has a mode which allows people who do not have a medical background to learn from the immersive experience furthering the educational benefit of the application.


The institution says the RCSI VR Medical Training Sim has become the world’s first virtual reality medical training simulator available to the public. It has been downloaded 152,000 times to date. It provides students with a fully immersive training learning experience, as opposed to traditional teach methods such as text-based learning. RCSI has found this better prepares them for the types of situations they will be presented with in the future. They also believe it makes way for optimum patient safety by allowing students the opportunity to prepare for these encounters in a virtually simulated environment.