Host live meetings and present in exciting virtual environments with employees, partners and customers located anywhere in the world including CPD sessions for a global audience. Broadcast your virtual conference, meet-up or private meeting while interacting with up to 36 people at any one time. For those who can’t attend, record your session and share later on. Using our virtual presenter screens, you can also stream in documents and media from OneDrive, Google Docs and Dropbox, as well as PowerPoint, Websites, Videos, Audio and YouTube video playback in 2D, 3D and 360 formats.


The future of team and group communications is VR.

"In June 2017 I made history by becoming the first teacher to ever deliver a professional development session for educators from inside virtual reality. The event was a huge success and I am now hosting sessions on a regular basis. So far educators from over 25 countries have attended the sessions and the numbers are growing fast. All sessions are free to attend and take place inside the ENGAGE platform from Immersive VR Education”

Steve Bambury




Steve Bambury has always been passionate about the use of technology in education and wanted to share this passion with other educators around the world. Steve is an Apple Distinguished Educator as well as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Fellow and Microsoft Master Trainer, and has won a number of awards. Much of his exploration and dedication to the field is carried out in his spare time. Taking this love a step further, Steve wanted to employ the use of virtual reality to meet and host other like-minded professionals and peers.


In an effort to take things to the next level, Steve linked with VR Education and their ENGAGE platform. The platform has a variety of features which can be used for education or corporate development and provided Steve with the ability to create engaging educational content, record it and share it with people all around the world in an immersive virtual environment. This would mean Steve could host his specialized discussions inside using the ENGAGE platform for educators across the globe.


With the help of VR Education's founder and CEO David Whelan and the ENGAGE platform's lead developer Mike Armstrong, Steve set about coordinating what would be the very first #CPDinVR event. He was able to create a space where up to 36 educators, professionals and attendees from around the world can attend in real-time. ENGAGE gives him full control of his sessions as host. He can also write on the blackboard, import presentations or 3D models and manipulate them. He can even change location, moving from a classic lecture hall to the surface of the moon in seconds. This can also be recorded and shared privately by the host.


This innovative collaboration between VR Education and Steve Bambury resulted in him being the first educator to host a professional development event inside virtual reality. This groundbreaking initiative paves the way for the future of web conferencing, corporate training and educational development by providing cost-effective and immersive training methods that are much more accessible than traditional practices.