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Enhance your classroom teaching by offering students and distance learners access to group lessons anytime, anywhere. Use ENGAGE to create your own specialised content. Virtual environments and objects help you to create specialised lessons which improve learning retention and class interaction. Put your students to the test by hosting a quiz, and keep a record of grades for your own analysis afterwards.

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“ENGAGE is going to move us so far beyond our brick and mortar here at Shenandoah. We’re going to have the ability to help companies and entities nationally. Rapid training and retraining of individuals is becoming essential. It’s important to be able to efficiently and cost-effectively train employees in the newest and best practices.”

Executive Director and Associate Professor of Theatre J.J. Ruscella, M.F.A.

Shenandoah Center for Immersive Learning (SCiL)



Developments in technology are continuing to advance at a rapid rate with the expansion seen particularly in the area of virtual reality. Figures from Statista show that the size of the AR/VR worldwide market is expected to grow to $209 billion by 2022. As educators, Shenandoah University in Virginia in the United States recognised the transformational role VR can play in education as well as being an effective training tool. Dedicated to providing innovative opportunities for their students, the university wanted to fully equip them to best create and utilise VR and positively contribute to wider society.

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The university decided the best course of action was to provide courses remotely in virtual reality for their students. To do this, they would have to partner with the right company with the sufficient tools to bring their courses into fruition. VR Education emerged as the top choice for Shenandoah University in this area by providing them with the ENGAGE platform. Through the partnership with the multi-award-winning company, the university would be able to offer students two virtual reality degrees; a Bachelor of Arts as well as a Bachelor of Science in Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR).


The ENGAGE platform allows educators at Shenandoah University to create their own educational content as well as host classes, training sessions and tutorials with people all around the globe in a safe, multi-user environment. Students at the university undertaking either of their new courses will be able to construct their very own virtual worlds and simulated life experiences using the ENGAGE creation tool set. They will also be able to actively participate in these worlds. The collaborative tool will also see the creation of immersive training experiences for external clients such as emergency services, corporate training and law enforcement.

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By partnering with VR Education, Shenandoah University is set to fully roll out their two degrees in the area of virtual reality in 2019. However, students can already take courses leading to those degrees. This means that well-educated graduates will be prepared for the fast-paced advancement of VR technology as well as being the ones behind it. Shenandoah University along with VR Education are well on their way to transforming education through fully immersive virtual reality learning experiences.  

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