Install ENGAGE on Quest

ENGAGE for Quest early access version is updated regularly. It is important you are using the latest current Quest release version so you can interact with all users. If you do not have the latest version please install it.

The current version is v1.1.6

Installing ENGAGE on Quest

Step 1: Enable Developer Mode

Step 2: Download & Install SideQuest

Step 3: Allow USB Debugging

Step 4: Uninstall ENGAGE (only applicable if you are updating ENGAGE)

Step 5: Install ENGAGE

  • Enable Developer Mode
  • Download & Install SideQuest
  • Allow USB Debugging
  • Uninstall ENGAGE
  • Install ENGAGE

Enabling Developer Mode

1. Go to in your web browser and create an organization if you have not done so previously.

2. Enter a Name for your organization and click on the Submit button

3. Accept the terms and conditions

4. On your phone, open the Oculus app and sign into the account you’ve created the organization with.

5. Click on Settings and locate your headset

6. Open the More Settings menu and click on Developer mode, Enable developer mode

Downloading & Installing SideQuest

1. On your computer, navigate to:

2. Download SideQuest for your required platform

3. Once SideQuest has finished downloading, run the installation and follow the on-screen instructions

4. Launch the SideQuest app

Allowing USB Debugging

1. Make sure your Oculus Quest is powered on and connect it to your computer via USB-C cable

2. Put on your Quest headset and accept the permission shown below, we also recommend selecting “Always allow from this computer”

3. Remove your headset and back on the SideQuest PC app we should see our headset now connected in the top left corner

Uninstalling ENGAGE

1. If it is not your first time installing ENGAGE, we will need to remove previous versions, click on Currently Installed Apps on the top right of SideQuest

2. Click the gear icon beside the currently installed ENGAGE version and select Uninstall App

Installing ENGAGE

1. On the left-hand side of SideQuest click on Apps and navigate to ENGAGE

2. Select ENGAGE and on the top right click on Install Latest

3. Wait for the installation to complete

4. Put on your headset and in your library under Apps>Unknown Sources, you will find your newly installed ENGAGE.