Install ENGAGE on Pico Sideloading

Windows Download

47 MB  |  EXE

Linux Download

48 MB  |  TAR.XZ

macOS Download

438 MB  |  DMG

Installing ENGAGE on Pico

ENGAGE for Pico is updated regularly. It is important you are using the latest current Pico release version so you can interact with all users. If you do not have the latest version please install it.

The current version is v3.1.1

NOTE - If you experience any errors updating ENGAGE, please uninstall and then reinstall.

Step 1: Enable USB Debugging

Step 2: Install ENGAGE Android Installer

Step 3: Allow USB Debugging

Step 4: Install ENGAGE

  • Enable USB Debugging
  • Install ENGAGE Android Installer
  • Allow USB Debugging
  • Install ENGAGE

Enabling USB Debugging

1. Put on your headset and go to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> System -> Developer Options and enable USB Debugging

Installing ENGAGE Android Installer

1. Download & install ENGAGE Android Installer

2. Open ENGAGE Android Installer

Allowing USB Debugging

1. Make sure your Pico is powered on and connect it to your computer via USB-C cable

2. Put on your Pico headset and accept the permission shown below, we also recommend selecting “Always allow from this computer”

Installing ENGAGE

1. Once the Pico in connected and the Connected status is displayed next to Device Status in the installer, click on Automatic Install

2. Select Pico G2 / G2 4K / Neo 2 from the dropdown and click Install

3. The installation will start and the progress will be displayed

4. The installation is complete

5. Launch ENGAGE from the main menu