A New Way to ENGAGE

We are ENGAGE, a virtual communications platform that simulates the way we interact in the physical world, but without physical limitations. You can use ENGAGE for multi-user events, collaboration, training, education, and much more.

160+ Clients & Counting

ENGAGE partners with the world’s leading brands and corporations.

ENGAGE Features

ENGAGE is the most advanced virtual reality platform designed for professionals.

Cross-Platform Support
ENGAGE supports PCVR, standalone VR, desktop PC, Mac, flagship Android phones & iPhones.
Custom Metaworlds
Build custom metaworlds that can be shared via ENGAGE LINK or kept private to your organization.
Group Sessions
Collaborate using virtual whiteboards & presentation screens with up to 70 users.
Large Scale Events
Host events with 1000+ users at the same time with our powerful projected presence system.
Cloud File Manager (Beta)
Enterprise users get access to our cloud file manager beta. Upload & share content, images, videos & 3D files.
ISO Certified
ENGAGE is the only metaverse platform with ISO 27001 certification & full GDPR compliance.
Content Creation Tool
Create your own simulations & immersive content with powerful ENGAGE content tools.
Spatial Recording
Use the most robust spatial recording tools in the VR industry. Easily record movement, audio & presentations.
Spatial Audio
Set the distance audio can travel using spatial audio and make large group meetings more realistic.
User Management
Create your organization and manage team access to content and features easily.
Media Streaming
Share all types of media including 2D, 3D, & 360° video from direct links or YouTube.
Desktop Sharing
Share your desktop with others using our integrated web screens functionality.
Branding Options
Enterprise users can access our branding bundle where they can brand environments and UI elements.
Virtual Locations
Utilize 50+ unique template environments, with everything from meeting rooms to exhibit spaces.
Live Support
Need help? ENGAGE Metaforce live support is available in the US, Asia and EU, 5 days a week inside our Miniverse.
File Type Support
Various file type support for importing 3D Models, Images & Animations including Unity3D made assets.

Designed for Explorers, Educators, and Enterprises

Get access to ENGAGE content tools. Build and explore new worlds.



Non Commercial Use

Attend public events & meetings
Explore public metaworlds
Demo access to creation tools
Host room (4 users max)



Non Commercial Use

Host private meetings
Use media screens
Full access to creation tools
Access all virtual location templates
Create spatial recordings
Host room (20 users max)


All Access

Commercial Use

Access to metaworld builder
User management portal
Branding options
Host large-scale events
Use media screens
Full access to creation tools
Spatial recordings
Host room (70 users max)
Cloud file storage (beta)


Establish your organization’s virtual footprint on the metaverse.