ENGAGE V1.7 Release

ENGAGE V1.7 Release

What’s new in ENGAGE V1.7?

We’ve updated ENGAGE. V1.7 is now available to download. Below are a list of new features that have been included in the release:

ENGAGE is now iOS compatible

You can now download ENGAGE from the Apple App Store. This makes it easier to remotely collaborate with teams. Just like in ENGAGE on desktop and VR headsets, you can host and join live sessions and scheduled events. You also have the ability to edit your avatar in the ENGAGE iOS app.

Deep Link

PC users who have ENGAGE installed can go directly to an event with a single click from the event webpage. This makes it easier to join events that may always be in session.

Microphone Control on Wrist

We have added a new feature for the microphone. Users can now turn their microphone on and off via a wrist control on VR 6DOF devices. This makes is easier to mute and unmute yourself during sessions, allowing people to respond more naturally when in session.

Microphone Control on PC Keyboard

For users who are not in VR devices but joining on PC desktop, you can use the F1 key to trigger your microphone settings.

3D Voice Range

Users can now adjust the 3D voice range when they are in session.

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