Business Campus

The ENGAGE business campus is designed to keep company culture alive in an increasingly remote hybrid world.

Meetings & Events
Employee Wellness

Campus Meetings Events On-boarding Training & Development

The campus has six persistent areas just like a real world physical business location and can be used for meetings, daily stand-ups, on-boarding new employees, training and development and company events.

Employee well-being can be massively affected by working remotely 100% of the time. Not feeling like they are part of the larger company or the feeling of isolation can be especially damaging to young single professionals living alone. This is why as part of the business campus we have included a wellness room where different wellness programs are updated regularly for your employees use 24/7.

All business campuses are branded to your company’s requirements and can be further tailored on request. Social games are also included on request in the main campus to allow employees to socialize and have the water cooler moments they miss by working remotely.

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