Our Journey With Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has the power to educate people in a way that we have not been able to before. In 2014, David and Sandra Whelan founded Immersive VR Education based on this premise. Immersive education has the potential to break down the huge barriers that traditional learning has always struggled with, through experiential learning.

There is a large percentage of people who participate in online education and training and do not finish their courses. This is mainly due to lack of interaction. In recent years there has been huge advancements with virtual reality and we saw an opportunity to make online courses and training as interactive as classrooms situations. With this saw the development of our platform, ENGAGE which we have created for virtual reality based education and training and our educational experiences.

I had an epiphany the first time I used a virtual reality headset. I began researching the uses of virtual reality at that time and noticed high-end institutes were using this as a low-cost method of teaching and training. That was when I saw the potential for virtual reality to enter the education and training market for worldwide consumer use.

David Whelan, CEO ENGAGE XR Holdings Plc

Immersive Education

Learn by living it! During our formative years, our interactions with our environments teach us about the world around us. Through our senses, we gather information and build cognitive processes to understand concepts. As we grow, the learning process moves towards classroom based teachings. This process heavily focuses on traditional teaching methods. However, modern teachings is filled with many complex and abstract concepts or situations and scenarios that are impossible to recreate. We believe this is where virtual reality can push the boundaries of how we learn.

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality is a different way of learning. Being immersed allows you to have an emotional reaction to what you're experiencing which is fundamental to how we form memories. When you are inside a virtual world your senses are in tune with what is happening directly around you. It allows you to be fully engaged with the activity and what is taken from it forms memories. The use of interactive objects and virtual environments support and enhance traditional teaching methods. Sitting in a classroom scenario doesn't make sense anymore when you can actively be immersed and experience!