#CPDinVR: An interview with VR Pioneer, Tom Furness.

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February 28, 2019
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#CPDinVR: An interview with VR Pioneer, Tom Furness.

#CPDinVR with Steve Bambury, Tom Furness Photo Credit

Steve Bambury, Head of Digital Learning and Innovation, JESS Dubai, meets with Tom Furness, Professor at University of Washington.

Back in June 2017, Steve Bambury decided he was going to try something that had not been done before – to host a professional development session inside virtual reality. Steve chose to use the ENGAGE platform to host these sessions. Since then Steve has hosted dozens of CPD sessions within ENGAGE.

Almost two years later, the #CPDinVR sessions are going from strength to strength, and the latest event is no exception. Steve arranged for VR pioneer, Tom Furness to join him, for his first public event in VR. Tom has been working in the field for more than 50 years and is credited as the designer of a huge array of immersive technologies that have evolved into what we know today as AR and VR.

You can watch the full session on the VirtualiTeach website and find out more about previous events the Steve has hosted within ENGAGE.

Photo Source : www.virtualiteach.com

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